Fee  Structure  for  Portraits

    The typical creative fee for a portrait session is $250. The portrait session lasts for approximately one and a half hours. Clients also receive a free planning consult for up to an hour. The pricing per image is based upon size, mounting treatments and what type of art treatments involved, e.g.: oil painting, water coloring, digital work or elegant artist’s retouch work. The minimum size for a portrait order typically starts with an 11x14" non canvas portrait, regularly priced at $595. Smaller sizes are available after the first print. Restorations, watercolors, and oil paintings are priced based upon the time and intricacy involved and are quoted per project.

    Please call (410) 592-6181 or send e-mail for quote

        Elisabeth Radomsky Studio
        Artist and Master Photographer
        Certified, Professional Photographers of America
        Master Craftsman
        M.A.S. Johns Hopkins University
        B.A. Towson University



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