Our family and friends marvel when they view your portrait of our three daughters.  This masterpiece details their beauty and strength along with vulnerability and sweet tenderness that seeps through to a point of intense inspiration. No matter our busy and hurried moods, we can only smile with intense pride as we pass your artistry daily.

Andre K.

I am a collector of fine arts. By far, my most prized possessions are the portraits that Elisabeth has created for me.Nothing brings me more conversations than the beloved portraits of my boys and myself that grace my walls.Somehow, with  her tremendous passion and talent, she brings the "soul" of the moment to life. She has frozen prescious moments of time, and, as years go by, these are the things that bring a smile to my face each day, and I am forever grateful for these magical memories that keep the memories present and more prescious with time....one of my favorite gifts was a portrait of my mother, which is a tribute to her wonderful life, and something she wouldn't do for herself. Again, her portrait is "the conversation piece" in her exquisite home.

 I simply cannot say enough about Elisabeth, her talent and passion, and her ability to bring the soul of each subject to life..with thankfulness, I salute you as an artist and friend.
sharon d.

I was introduced to Elisabeth's work at a friend's house almost twenty years ago and was captivated by the
expressions in her painting.  I knew at that moment that she would be the one to do our family portrait!

Elisabeth spends time learning her subjects,so she can capture the personalities.  She is wonderful to work with. Our portrait is truly an heirloom we will always treasure.


I would highly recommend Portraits by Elisabeth to all friends and family. Elisabeth did a phenomenal job with capturing the soul of our family. She made our experience memorable and most importantly, our daughters had fun! We are honored that we have 4 portraits created by an International Award winner hanging in our home. The Yerman family will be a forever client to Portraits by Elisabeth.

William L. Yerman

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