Welcome to our new web site!


WELCOME, EVERYONE  to  the  premier of  our  new  Website!

This website has taken months and months of work and represents many years of working to produce award winning images and paintings. It’s finally here!

We hope you enjoy browsing and looking to see if your  portrait has been included in one of our Collections.

Take a moment also to look at the launching of our new commercial side of the business, our Fine Art Gallery and Boutique. As most of you know, even though my name is Elisabeth, my nickname is  Lisa and my middle name is  Rose. “Lisa Rose.com” is the signature of our new much awaited commercial line. Clients like yourself and people from all over the world can now purchase online from our website items. The Boutique offers beautiful limited edition giclee paintings, watercolor cards and art pieces of seascapes, landscapes, flowers, still life’s and people. It will also feature inexpensive boutique items such as calendars, posters, mouse pads, note pads and even garden flags!

We’ve also included a lounge for you to view your own images online as well as a section for “Specials & Coupons”. Check out the $150. coupons you can print and use!


Warm Regards,

Elisabeth  “Lisa Rose”



christiana oparah  commented on  November 19th, 2012

Elizabeth, you are indeed the best in photography our friends marvel at the portrait whenever they see it.it is simply awesom

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